AAHAR – International Food & Hospitality Fair

18 Mar 2019 BOTTLES

We are going to participate in an event named AAHAR – International Food & Hospitality Fair. We are going to support environment and healthy living by exhibiting our eco-friendly and health-friendly food safe plastic packaging. There is a big basket of food industry plastic packaging manufactured by advanced food grade plastic. We entirely back up the purpose of this fair as it is a flagship fair focusing on improving food standards in India. kindly visit our stall and encourage us.

Do You Know Why People Buy from Us?

Because we have

Created International Brand Identity giving cutting-edge to our Customers over their competitors Through Luxurious Blow Moulding Packagings.

Established Storage and Transportation Reliability through Heavy Duty Blow Moulding Packagings.

Speed Up Production Line thorough Worker Friendly Blow Moulding Packagings.

Minimized Shortage, Pilferage, Spilling and Evaporation of our Customers’ materials through Leakagefree, Unbreakable and Sealable Blow Moulding Packagings.

Enhanced the Shelf Lives of our Customers’s Products through Specialized UV Treatments.

Boosted Sales of our Customers Upto 25% through Emotional Colour Combinations of Blow Moulding Packagings helping their Customers to make emotional buying decisions.

Maintained Purity, Virginity and Freshness of our Customers’ products through Hygienic and Dust-Free Blow Moulding Packagings.

Established Trust and Quality Assurance through Government and Third Party Lab Test Reports of High Quality Blow Moulding Packagings.

Reduced Per Litre/Per KM Cost of Transportation through using Virgin Raw Materials/Additives for manufacturing of Heavy Duty Blow Moulding Packaging’s.

Built Self-Confidence of Our Customers in their Own Brands through Durable and Reliable Blow Moulding Packagings.

Helped Customers’ Customers in realizing High Resale Value of used Luxurious and Heavy Duty Blow Moulding Packagings.

Reduced Per Sq.Ft/Per Day Storage Cost by High Stackable Blow Moulding Packagings

Educating our Customers about Packaging Technology periodically updating them with constant innovations in the Blow Moulding Packagings.

Strategized Blow Moulding Packagings for our customers depending upon their nature of products, distance, and risks involved their.

Many More…..

vision, mission, core values and goals

why do we exist?

our reason of existence

we at raj technopack private limited (“rtpl”) are committed to provide luxurious blow moulding packagings for building international brand identity of our customers amongst their customers standing out of their competitors through international aesthetics and utmost durability thereby boosting their sales upto 25% than their competitors


we believe in long term relationship with our customers, vendors, service providers, and employees and our core values are commitment, dedication, consistency, leadership, innovation and reliability.

our quality standards are:

international aesthetics

timely delivery

customer/ worker/user friendly



durable/ unbreakable fitout

complete fit-out

we are committed for becoming India’s no’1 trusted blow Moulding plastic packaging brand by 31st July 2025 and creating wealth/net worth of rupees five hundred CRORES.



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