We are prominent one among our clients for our reliable bonding that makes us provide one of the finest and durable products. In order to do so, manufactured products are gone through various quality checks for assuring each and every aspect for betterment of the products. We have vast machinery and testing processers;

Raw plastic materials like HDPE and HMHDPE are tested on the melt flow indexer for ensuring its certain quality for production.

Through this process, we make sure about product durability by dropping water filled container from any height and angle.

A certain hydraulic gauge pressure is applied inside the container for ensuring its durability from leakage’s perspective.

A certain quantity air pressure is applied on the container for specific time for ensuring its robustness for any rapture.

The container is dropped down in water for knowing any hole.

The toughness is checked out through this test as the equivalent weight is put on the top of the container for ensuring its strong character.

Going thoroughly into checking its character, we come to this test as filled container is kept upside down for certain time for ensuring any deformation.

Stronger handle complements entire container. Containers’ handles are checked through its testing process.

The container is cut vertically and horizontally, and the cut sections are observed to ensure for uniform wall thickness throughout entire container.

An electrically conducted product is heated through controlled induction heating for package fabrication like cap sealing and inner seal etc.

It involves testing whether the applied paint is stuck properly on packaging. It includes sub testing processes like cross-cut test, scrape adhesion and pull-off test etc. to measure the resistance of paints from packaging.