Being abreast to latest market aspects, we focus to create exceptional blow, injection, & customized molding plastic packaging using cutting-edge technology that enables us to create hygienic and eco-friendly products.

We lead at forefront to produce products from HDPE and HM-HDPE (High Molecular-High Density Polyethylene) for unbeaten storage, handling, and transportation of liquid, semi-liquid, powder and substances etc.We use precise and appropriate raw material for specific product depending upon its usage. We prefer HM and HDPE for most of the products and also produce some particular products from LDPE, CP and PP. Using fresh resin for creating hygiene level at the top, we always give priority to each of the products’ attribution whether it’s in form of hygiene, eco-friendly, ease-to-use, best-in-look, or durability.


A number of advanced blow molding machines stand as backbone of our infrastructure and state-to-art machinery. The versatility of blow molding machines is to create different sizes of drums and bottles. Keeping different sizes on the priority, different machines are used for creating appropriate and optimum products. All the machines are imported from well-known identities of industrial plastic packaging field.


High-end injection molding machinery is kept on manufacturing so apt and flexible lids, caps, measuring caps and lugs etc. for easy-to-fit purpose without any kind of tear & wear due to rough & tough usage . All these finest machines are imported from our growth partner cum leading injection molding machine manufacturer.


It plays its vital role to infuse high strength and outstanding toughness into the drums to enable them more durable and reliable for the customers for heavy-duty storage and shipping from one end to the other end over the globe. Therefore, it is brought into use to create drums as moisture resistant.